We are a team of passionate biologists, civil engineers, and entrepreneurs dedicated to developing innovative solutions in the fields of physics, health, and environmental science.

Our goal is to stay ahead of future advancements in these domains, providing solutions that are comprehensive, safe, and efficient.


The future of deep space exploration depends on our collective efforts in developing solutions to mitigate harmful effects of space environment on human health and performance. And this is a daunting challenge, particularly in terms of space radiation.

Complete shielding against space radiation is impossible, and during prolonged missions, astronauts will be subjected to long-term low-dose ionizing radiation. Exposure that is linked to significant short- and long-term effects and risks such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and degenerative conditions.

RDI is leading the way in creating innovative medical countermeasures for human health. Countermeasures designed to address the multi-organ health risks posed by the unique environmental conditions in space, which NASA abbreviates as RIDGE: Space Radiation, Isolation and Confinement, Distance from Earth, Gravity fields, and Hostile/Closed Environments.

Radiation Therapy

Together with surgery and chemotherapies, we employ radiation therapy as a major component of cancer care. Radiotherapy, applied with a curative intent or to control development of the disease, is efficient but produces immediate and delayed side-effects that reduce efficacy of the therapy and Quality of Life of cancer patients.


At RDI, we are also at the forefront of addressing these challenges, developing medicinal products to improve safety of radiation therapies.


Our products are being developed to:

  • Improve treatment outcomes
  • Minimize side effects
  • Improve quality of life of patients during and after treatment
  • Be used on outpatient basis


RDI offers comprehensive solutions to the complex challenges posed by hazardous wastes, including Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), heavy metals, and radioactive materials.

RDI’s BioCorrection-TAE technology marks a significant breakthrough in the field. This technology is not only efficient and reliable, but also environmentally friendly. It has been engineered to destroy or convert hazardous organic wastes into safe, efficient, and unique organic products.